SPORTS — the design collaboration of Greg Corso and Molly Hunker — has installed ‘runaway’ as a vibrant beacon for the sunny Californian city of Santa Barbara. Three colorful elements made up of thousands of linear elements are brightly-colored in cyan, magenta, and yellow paints. These simple self-similar geometries have a range of possible orientations, forming a lounge, a bench, or a even an impromptu performance stage for the public and passersby.

In thinking about the installation’s visual cues, SPORTS drew from the coastal landscape and the environmental qualities of Santa Barbara's air. 

‘The aesthetic qualities of the air in Santa Barbara is often very powerful and visible — a beautiful blur caused by heat (heat shimmer or mirage) and beach fog (June gloom),’ the team describes. ‘Runaway’ privileges this visual and atmospheric effect and in so doing, acts as a beautiful spectacle and object of urban decor for the communities of Santa Barbara.’

‘Runaway’ has been chosen as the winner of the museum of contemporary art Santa Barbara‘s take part | make art pavilion competition. The installation will be moved to six different sites in at least three different neighborhoods around Santa Barbara, forming a new interpretation in each area. While the urban décor objects add a bold and vivid identity to the landscape, they simultaneously semi-dissolve the environment, bringing a unique personality to the different neighborhoods.

Article and Images courtesy of Design Boom