The bespoke Westgate bench and seat fabrication and painting is now completed with final assembly taking place at our woodworker's workshop. We are extremely happy with progress and everything is coming together as planned.

Walkspace Westgate Bench 1

The Purple Heart hardwood looks great as is but will weather off to a consistent tan colour once sunlight hits the surface.

The completed Benches will be completed and delivered in the coming days. The remainder seating elements will be assembled and completed prior to the end of the week -

Both bench and seat frame design allowed for a minimal use of materials as the final structural integrity is formed by the outer wood slats. The Benches will be mounted below ground level achieving a seamless floating effect.

Walkspace Westgate Bench 2
Walkspace Westgate Bench 3
Walkspace Westgate Seat 1
Walkspace Westgate Seat 2

As always if you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us at Walkspace