Walkspace MR 1

People rest and relax on public steps anyway, why not give them a comfortable way to do so?

Stair Squares, a concept brought to life by artist Mark Reigelman, a self-proclaimed genius, are little blue tables that fit perfectly onto steps to offer little perches for eating and reading. The Stair Squares were installed on the front steps of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall in the summer of 2007 on temporary basis.

The juxtaposition between the new bright design and the classical architecture is clearly apparent and adds to the dramatic and spectacular presence. Furthermore, through clever design and a clear understanding of environment, we don’t need to look to the obvious to create truly unique and enhanced spaces for the wider public to rest, relax and enjoy without costing a fortune, something we here at Walkspace are right into.

Walkspace MR 2

In Mark Reigelman’s own words “They were designed not only as an aesthetic asset but as a functional asset as well. They were strategically integrated into the urban landscape and incorporated into daily life.  Neighbourhood workers can take advantage of some al fresco lunch dining while passers-by get a sprinkle of colour while walking past the government building that looks like, well, any other grey, column-clad government building.

Walkspace MR 4

All Images courtesy of Mark Reigelman: To learn more please visit: Mark Reigelman