Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our F_Series of street furniture, F standing for Fold. A simple, clean, honest and functional suite with minimal fabrication applied, offering you a platform to customise and build upon.

We’ve been busy working on a bin platform that is so easily customisable; we believe it can fit into any project you are working on right now.  At its core, a minimal clean approach comprising four components  that offer  durability and functionality as well as offering a clean pallet for you to customise and make your own.

Walkspace Bin 2

Dependant on the environment, project specifications or budget, the bin can be constructed from various materials to suit. Galvanised mild steel with a powder-coated finish, stainless steel with a brushed, bead blasted or electro-polished finish or aluminium sheet with a durable anodised finish are all available. Each of the finishes offers supreme durability, maintainability and bespoke customisation.

If you have a particular pattern, logo, material or colour finish we can incorporate this into the bin, anything is possible to suit your requirements. Please find a selection of finishes and patterns to illustrate the various possibilities.

There are three size platforms available offering various waste options, recycling, litter and organic waste separation:

Walkspace Bin 3
Walkspace Bin 4
Walkspace Bin 5

As always we can further modify the design in size or form to fit your particular environment or use. For instance, if you require a larger a capacity bin such as the 120/240L wheelie bins we can revise to suit.

The bin comes complete with a concealed footing detail that’s quick and easy to install, secure and level. Bin access is gained by a durable push lock hinged door containing a large 60ltr capacity bin liner as standard also included.

We hope this sparks your interest, and provides a platform for you to build upon, or if you are short of time or resources, give us a bell and we can take your concept and build upon it, customise and submit options for your consideration.

Walkspace Bin 6
Walkspace Bin 7

Please also feel free to comment and let us know your thoughts. We are keen to incorporate your feedback into designs moving forward.