At Walkspace you may be thinking we don’t do things normally. You’d be right. We don’t have a catalogue to push and we don’t have a factory limited to one particular mode of fabrication. What we do have is the proven capability to work alongside architects, landscape designers and councils to develop and supply unique, functional and quality products for the public domain.

Walkspace F Series Bench 2

With the F_Series our intention is to provide a canvas, a start point for things to develop, to encourage sustainable and efficient design, support local manufacturers and above all else to enhance the public environment.

Following the release of the F_Series Bins, the F_Series bench once again offers maximised material usage, minimal fabrication and strong modularity to offer you a platform for you to build on and make your own.

Walkspace F Series Bench 3
Walkspace F Series Bench 4

The F_Series range of street furniture stands for Fold. A simple, clean, honest and functional suite of public furniture. This means reduced cost, reduced waste and maximum customisation.

Materials, colours patterns and length can all be modified to suit your particular project requirements giving you the opportunity to truly customise the product to suit your particular project specifications, budget or aesthetic.  Let us know the environment and budget, we can advise the best solution.

Finishes available are mild steel, galvanised, zinc wire sprayed or powder-coated. For superior durability and corrosion resistance, stainless steel, linear hairline linish, brushed, electro-polished or blasted.

Walkspace F Series Bench 6

Armrests can be located in any position or excluded altogether dependant on project or site requirements and quick and easy installation offers minimal onsite disruption as well as keeping install costs to a minimum.

Walkspace F Series Bench 8

If the dimensions or form doesn’t quite fit, we can stretch, pull or bend to suit - just let us know what you need and we can take care of the rest.

Walkspace F Series Bench 9

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Walkspace if you have any queries. We are more than happy to offer up front illustrations and rates incorporating your specific design requirements