We thought we would add this page to assist in designing and specifying products. Significant savings can be achieved through standardised materials and finishes, as well as reducing and mitigating any on-going maintenance issues in conformity.  The links below are selected without bias, we just thought they were good clear examples of industry standard in regards to various materials and paint finishes. Don't stress if you can't see what you are after, we can work in partnership to achieve the desired results you're after.

Walkspace Warranty:

Walkspace prides itself on delivering quality products manufactured to exacting standards. All Walkspace products come with a full 5 year warranty guaranteeing any defects in material, workmanship and conformity to shop drawings, specifications and finishes. Walkspace only utilises FSC select grade hardwoods for all its seating products. Given the natural variability of supply and the environmental impacts placed on wood, we offer a 6 month warranty on timber.

Please feel free to contact the team to discuss in detail or click the link below to learn more.



Maintenance Guidelines:

With regular care, cleaning and maintenance the lifespan, performance and aesthetics of each product can be dramatically extended. Each site has its own parameters and conditions however as a general rule, regular cleaning should be undertaken every 6 months.  General maintenance of each product should be undertaken at yearly intervals, checking and tightening fixings. Reapplying a quality penetrating wood oil to preserve and protect timber should be undertaken at 6 monthly intervals

Guidelines in detail can be found in the PDF below outlining the recommended cleaning methodology to each material, cleaning and maintenance intervals as well as further details on replacement parts, further extending the lifespan of each product.


We thought we would add this section to assist LA's in the early stages of design. Significant costs can be saved through standardised material selections. Any on-going maintenance can be expedited and conformity guaranteed especially in regards to paints and colour matching. As designers and suppliers we are more than happy to work with you from the outset to ensure the right materials and finishes are selected for each site's requirements.

We provide the following links below to some of the major local suppliers in regards to materials and finishes as a guideline to assist.

Health & Safety:

Walkspace is committed to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees and to any person who visits the workplace of Walkspace. Walkspace acknowledges that our field of work is within the public realm and we have a responsibility to protect the public from any hazards that may result from work undertaken.

As part of Walkspaces on going commitment to HSE we have signed up and committed to the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter. To find out more clink on the link below.