Victoria Square is located in central Christchurch at the corners of Colombo & Armagh Streets. The Avon river bisects the park which was originally known as Market Square as it was the site of markets, fairs and trade prior to its first formal redevelopment in 1896-97.

The parks notable landmarks include the Capt. James Cook Statue, the Bowker Fountain, Australasia’s first illuminated fountain as well as the oldest cast iron bridge in New Zealand commonly known as the Hamish Hay Bridge.

The Square suffered significant ground damage after the February 2011 earthquake and was closed as part of the wider central city red-zone until November 2012 in which the park re-opened after some of the historic items were removed for safety reasons.  After a full and extensive restoration the park is now open to the public.

Given the historic and iconic value of the Square, the restoration centred around maintaining the iconic look and feel whilst addressing earthquake damage.

Working in collaboration with Nik Kneale, Senior Principal and the entire team at Boffa Miskell Christchurch, Walkspace was proud to supply an updated version of the iconic curve seating throughout the square. Off the shelf Walkspace catalogue products included picnic suites, recycling bins, bike racks and drink fountains.

Walkspace also designed and supplied the Kanakana Table and Handwash in conjunction with Matapopore which is located next to the Avon and Hamish Hay Bridge. The table contains locally sourced shells as well as a brass lamprey, a common species to the area. 

If you’re in town pop in and check out the new space bursting with colour and life at this time of year

If you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Walkspace