REO, a collaborative sculpture located in Auckland's CBD, within the Lorne Street shared space, unfortunately suffered irreparable damage from vehicular impact. The decision was made by council to relocate the sculpture to a less prone area of the street and to engineer and integrate frangible legs to mitigate any further impact damage

Working with Architectus, JAWA Structures, Auckland Transport and Hawkins we assisted in the refitting of the functional Bronze artwork into its new position onsite. The works involved detail design, onsite and offsite measures as well as fabrication of new components to allow the refit onsite to take place without issue. Utilising CAD software and CNC machinery we supplied templates and jigs to ensure the units sat level, and true. Working to very tight tolerances we also designed and supplied a two part frangible leg system engineered by JAWA structures to allow in the event of any further vehicular impact, the sacrificial leg to collapse and avoid any damage to the cast main structure.

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