Once again Walkspace are proud to be involved in a landmark project, Remarkable’s Town Centre.

Walkspace were approached by the client at an early stage of the project to supply some of Walkspace's standard catalogue furniture. As the project evolved so did the furniture's requirements. The team at Walkspace worked closely with the developer and architects to establish a brief and set key requirements which then developed into a series of semi bespoke catalogue proposals for review. A final design was then selected and developed into a suite of furniture ready for production.

"We happy our clients are seeing the benefits and ease in our approach with customization of our catalogue range. We aren’t precious and we understand the importance to fit the right aesthetic, materials and functionality to each project" says Jon Scanlan of Walkspace

“Our intention is to provide a canvas, a start point for things to develop, to encourage sustainable and efficient design, support local manufacturers and above all else to enhance the public environment. If the material, dimensions or form doesn’t quite fit, we can stretch, pull or bend to suit” adds Bevan Thomas of Walkspace

The first  items to roll out are now complete and installed onsite with further items being rolled out on a continual basis

As always, if you require any further information, or would like to discuss your requirements don't hesitate to contact the team at Walkspace


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