Working from a design developed by the Auckland Council’s landscape design team, we took their vision and addressed the functional, ergonomic, material and manufacturability of the design and detailed the seating to a level to meet manufacture and budget. In essence, the seating has been designed and manufactured in a way to offer supreme durability without compromising the architect's vision or aesthetics.

We engaged local steelworkers to undertake the concealed galvanised steel framework and a fine woodworker to machine, profile and assemble the sustainably sourced Vitex woodwork, a durable FSC hardwood. A local foundry tooled and cast the end aluminium legs; a design cue to the existing cast seat ends which were scattered through the park.

Additional to the seating we also worked with the landscape design team to design, develop and produce a fully accessible drinks fountain which offers all members of the public easy and accessible usage. Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel the fountain will undergo testing to evaluate the design over the next few months, with the intention to establish the fountain as a standard Council supply item.


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