Walkspace have just completed and delivered a range of movable bespoke planter/barrier units to the good folk at BOX Café - Aotea Square.

Walkspace was approached by Auckland Live, operators of the BOX Café located to the front entrance of the Aotea Centre to investigate and present barricading design options to mitigate on-going access issues surrounding the café after hours. Walkspace acknowledged from the outset that in order to mitigate and prevent unwanted access without providing a barbed wire fence approach would be a challenge but feasible none the less. A strong focus from the outset was to integrate planting into the designs to soften the visual impact and to value add to the end product.

Ultimately the design needed to be durable, functional and easy to setup requiring minimal effort as well as integrating successfully into the given environment. Walkspace proposed several wide ranging options and materials for our client to consider, and through close dialogue narrowed the approach down to a singular concept.

The use of high grade 316 stainless steel for the planter box provides extreme durability in a permanently wet environment. The satin Plexiglas screens provide UV resistance and a level of transparency that offers a dramatic backdrop within the Café during daylight and night-time operations. During café open hours the planters act as both barriers and screens to either section off areas of the café or to channel patrons and can be moved with ease given the braked and un-braked castors.  At night the planters are moved into set locations to close the café off from any unwanted access, padlocked in position and held in place.

As always, if you require any further information, or would like to discuss your requirements don't hesitate to contact the team at Walkspace.

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